Water Tank Cleaning Service

Water tank cleaning services are so necessary, it's just like cleaning our homes. 

Water is the most important liquid in our life and something we cannot live without. Not only does it quench our thirst but is additionally consequential as far as cooking, personal hygiene and cleaning is concerned. While it is true that water replenishes us, abstracts toxins from the body and avails us in uncountable ways but concurrently, an abundance of diseases can caused if one consumes water in its impure form. This is why it is consequential that the water that we drink or cook victuals in is absolutely clean and pristine. This is why it is very to clean the water tanks installed in our houses and workplaces on a customary substratum.

Why you need to clean your water tank regularly?

Water tank is contain your source of clean water. It can turn to accumulate rust over time if you not clean it regularly. You need to check your water tank if you notice the water come out from your taps has brownish tinge. A clean, fresh and safe water can helps in getting the body rid of all kinds of toxins, whether they are engendered due to bodily reactions, obtained from outside sources or ones that occur because of the consumption of contaminated water. Furthermore, clean water is not just needed for drinking but for sanitation purposes as well. If attire are washed, or the body is washed with contaminated water, this too will result in the ascension of diseases. Same is the case for cooking, cleaning and other homogeneous tasks that are an integral part of our lives. Clean water is obligatory for good health.


First, we thoroughly inspect the tank for any abnormalities like leakage, missing cover and so on and report to the client then after placing all our protective measures and safety gadget we go inside the empty tank and remove the objects or things then scrub brush the wall surface with approved detergent solution to remove dirt, slime and algae. Rinse with water remove filthy water scrub again with solution of mild detergent and disinfectant to eliminate bacteria then rinse with plenty of water remove dirty water and then lastly to wipe dry the wall surfaces.

Mega Jadi provides great water tank cleaning service for large water tank in order to have clean water for buildings. A clean water tank service will help you to avoid from reducing the quality of the tank wall or floor and purchasing a new tank in the future.

Mega Jadi's cleaning service uses high technology cleaning tools for effective and faster cleaning process for the whole large tank. Our water tank cleaning service provides cleaning, chlorination and disinfection on all types of water tank.


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