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How our Disinfection Service to be done?

Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Misting disinfection is dispersed into the air and every corner. It produces super fine droplets of our chemical which is designed to destroy bacteria and viruses in exposed areas. 

Our chemical with Potassium peroxymonosulfate effective against Coronaviruses. It destroys the envelope protein that surrounds some virus, including Coronaviruses. 

Chemical recognized by WHO (World Health Organization)

Eliminates 99.9999% of germs and viruses


Remove bacteria from your premise with direct treatment, air-borne bacteria/ viruses

ULV Misting disinfectant solution into the air.


Alcohol Free (Suitable for enclose area)

Responsible action to take during pandemic outbreak

Benefit of Chemical use 

  • US EPA Certified Environmental

  • Friendly Products

  • No harmful effect to skin, eyes and

  • respiratory system

  • The disinfectant contains no alchohol so it will not damage your mask

  • Benza Chlorine hand sanitizer

  • Active ingredients: Hypochlorous Acid

  • recognized by WHO

  • - Full inactivation of Human Coronavirus


Download Rely+On™ Virkon™

Product Brochure

Superior Operator Safety 

Rely+On™ Virkon™ has fewer handling and use constraints than many other disinfectant

products and is not classified as harmful or a sensitiser in both powdered form and in-use

dilutions, in accordance with EU legislation on the classification and labelling of chemical


Environmental Profile

Rely+On™ Virkon™ oxygen-based chemistry contains simple organic salts and organic

acids and the active ingredient decomposes by a variety of routes within the environment,

in soil and water, breaking down to form the naturally occurring substances, potassium

salts and oxygen. The major organic components are classified as readily biodegradable

according to OECD and EU tests. Rely+On™ Virkon™ is not classified as R53* and is

not persistent in the environment, according to the standard European process for the

classification and labelling of chemical preparations. Independent studies have shown

that diluted Rely+On™ Virkon™ should not, when used as directed, pose any threat to

sewage treatment facilities.

*may cause long term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.

Mode of Action

Rely+On™ Virkon™ oxidizes key structures and compounds, such as proteins, leading to widespread, irreversible damage and subsequent deactivation/ destruction of the microorganism. There is no evidence to suggest that bacterial disease-causing organisms develop resistance towards Rely+On™ Virkon™ as opposed to some other disinfectant types.

Proven Broad Spectrum Efficacy

Independently proven highly effective against:
• over 100 strains of virus in 22 viral families
• over 400 strains of bacteria
• over 60 strains of fungi and yeast
using a wide variety of contact times, temperatures and organic challenge levels


Medical Facilities

  • Routine disinfection of hard surfaces, furniture, floors, walls and doors in hospital wards, clinics and laboratories.

  • Broad spectrum disinfection and decontamination of hard surfaces in critical clinical facilities, such as operating theatres, intensive care units and accident and emergency departments.

  • Body fluid spillage clear-up and decontamination.

Pathology and Biosafety Containment Laboratories

  • Routine cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces and equipment*, such as benches, floors, walls and doors, cabinets, centrifuges and pipette discard jars.

Treatment Salons

  • Routine cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces such as floors, walls and doors.

Residential Homes

  • Routine disinfection of hard surfaces, equipment*, furniture, floors, walls and doors in treatment and communal areas, corridors and bathrooms.

*not for use for the disinfection of medical devices.

Hard Surface & Equipment Cleaning & Disinfection

The level of disease-causing organisms present after general cleaning can remain high enough to offer a serious disease challenge to patients and staff. Using a disinfectant proven to be effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi, such as Rely+On™ Virkon™, is essential.

Model: SaniStation 1163​

Product Size: 4 ft x 7 ft x 3.5 ft

Product Weight: 40 KG

Package Contents: Hand Sanitizer, Disinfection Mat,

                          Hygiene Mat, 8x Mist Nozzle


  • Plug & play 

  • Affordable 

  • Low disinfectant liquid consumption 

  • Durable Stainless Steel structure (1 year warranty) 

  • High quality mist pump (5months warranty) 

  • 8 unit mist nozzle (3months warranty) 

  • Easy installation 

  • Free space for Your Logo 

  • Full set of hygiene products 

    • Hand sanitizer 

    • Disinfectant mat to clean your sole of shoe 

    • Hygiene mat to avoid wet floor 

  • Coverage below head down to sole of shoe 

  • Disinfectant cost is controllable

  • Allow trolly & wheelchair

  • 360' disinfect body, wares & other objects

  • To help any building with less bacteria/ germs/ virus

  • To stop the spreading bacteria/ germs/ virus from a person along with their belongings


Download SaniStation

Product Brochure

Why Hypochlorous Acids activated from our OXONE Monopersulphate is better against SARS-COV2 :

  1. Found natural inside our body. Hypochlorous is made naturally by white blood cells in all mammals for defense against viruses/bacteria or fungi

  2. A powerful oxidant that breaks down the cell wall or structures of virus/bacteria and fungi.

  3. Safe and environmental friendly. In-use 1% solution is non-irritating to eyes and skin

  4. Proven to be 80-100x more efficient compare to sodium hypochlorite / bleach

  5. Now widely used government institutions around the world especially for disinfection purposes.

  6. Certified and list by US EPA N-List to be useful as disinfectant against covid19.

  7. Solution is stable for as long as 5 days. Patended chemistry.

  8. Odorless. No fumes or offensive odour

  9. Lab tested to fully inactivate human coronavirus in just 10 mins

  10. Hypochlorous Acid is an active ingredient which recommended by WHO

  11. Effective against Hepatitis A, B, and C, HIV, MRSA, Influenza A Virus, E- coli (ESBL), Klebsiella pneumoniae (ESBL) and Coronavirus Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)*

  12. Cleans & disinfects in one step

  13. Convenient to ship and store

  14. Long Shelf life (powder 3 years; tablets 2 years)

  15. Effective as determined by European EN standards (bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal efficacy data)*

Anti-bacterial disinfectant will reduce 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in the air and surface. We offer decontamination and disinfection services for the following:

  • Commercial Buildings, 

  • Offices,

  • Hospitals, 

  • Polyclinics, 

  • Laboratories,

  • Childcare & Schools,

  • Manufacturing Plants and 

  • Residential Premises.

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